2020 Toyota Camry: AWD Starting To Look Possible!

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The sharp incline in demand for SUVs have sent sedans on a sharp freefall hence changing the automotive landscape entirely. But despite the shift in trend, some sedans are still able to move in reasonable numbers and they include the Toyota Camry and the Ford Fusion.

The Fusion, in particular, is still able to hit 6 figures annually and this is why we find it surprising that Ford has decided to axe the vehicle entirely. Ford is known to make drastic decisions and we feel that the premature axing of the Fusion will come back to haunt them.

This is due to the fact that the Fusion is one of the few affordable midsized sedans that are offered with AWD. All-wheel drive is also the biggest catalyst in sales of the Fusion. With the Fusion gone, segment leader Toyota Camry can make an attempt at AWD and boost its sales.

The Camry has long been the bestselling midsized sedan in the US and the decline of sedans have yet to have an impact on it. Should Toyota offer AWD with the Camry, they can look forward to maximizing profits, even if it is only for the short term.