2020 Toyota Mirai Wants To End EV Craze!

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EVs are growing at a rapid pace and this got many speculating that pure electric powertrains will be the staple offering on cars within the next decade.

For Toyota, they have a different vision of the future and it is one that relies on hydrogen fuel cells. Better known as FCEV, the technology is dubbed to be more efficient than pure electricity.

Toyota already has the Mirai to show for it although the vehicle is still struggling to create a trend across the industry. Even so, Toyota is confident that more automakers will swap EVs for FCEV come 2020 when they launch a new-generation Mirai to function as the official vehicle for the Olympics in Japan.

The Olympics is a major global sporting event and it will give tons of exposure for FCEV technology. The Mirai will be joined by Honda in creating a pure hydrogen fleet as the primary method of transportation throughout the sporting period.

It will definitely be a long checklist for Toyota to complete as they want to address several things such as the ease of refueling with hydrogen, reliability of FCEVs and the performance of the powertrain. The current Mirai is already near-level with ICE cars in terms of performance and it will only get better from here onwards.