2021 Tesla Roadster Speed Burst Technology Explained!

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Tesla stole the headlines last week after announcing on the next-gen Roadster and it left everyone amazed by the potential performance figures.

Despite having nothing to show at the moment, Tesla believe that the Roadster will be able to hit 60mph from stop in just 1.9 seconds and it can also achieve a top speed of about 230MPH. The icing on the cake is with the EV driving range, which is said to go beyond 600 miles.

It sure sounds like Tesla is about to have a good halo car in their hands but without anything to show, we are taking Tesla’s word with a grain of salt.

Well, it is less salty today after a professional engineer posted a video on YouTube with an explanation on how an electric powertrain can achieve those desired figures

All we can say now is that the mechanism is not impossible but will it happen with the Roadster?