A Lit Bud Is Enough To Wreck Kia Sorento!

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The latest Kia Sorento is a nice SUV to own but if you are a smoker and love the pleasure of barbeque parties, it is perhaps best for you to stay away from the vehicle and look into getting a different SUV.

We say so because a Sorento literally exploded earlier today and it is caused by a cigarette, a BBQ grille and a careless owner. The incident took place in Central Florida where a group of people were enjoying a BBQ grille on the Sorento.

When too occupied with eating, the group forgot to switch off the propane tank and it took only one cigarette light to turn a nice afternoon into a fiery nightmare.

The explosion was so bad that the rear glass panel flew out of its original place. The good news here is that nobody was killed in the incident but this comes at the cost of the Sorento.