Acura Hands Toyota Camry A Physical Lesson On Purpose

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The Toyota Camry has always been the number one choice for a midsized sedan but this is never because of the performance which the car has to offer. While the Camry may be able to go fast, its primary purpose is to offer a smooth driving experience and a low cost for daily driving.

Some Camrys managed to escape the norm through adopting aftermarket parts so that it can go faster and one model went to the extreme by competing in the NASCAR.

Well, the latter had just been handed a reality check by Acura when it got whacked by an Acura crossover when attempting to leave a NASCAR meeting. The incident was captured on camera and you can see that the track-tuned Camry has no side mirrors thus resulting in it getting hit by the Acura crossover when leaving the parking spot.

This basically serves as a reminder that you can do all you want with a Camry but you should not forget about side mirrors.