Acura NSX Confirmed For A Tech U-Turn!

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Honda’s luxury arm, Acura, is a big box of hits and misses. Despite the likes of MDX and NSX getting a lot of praises from major reviewers, there’s a big problem with the entire Acura line-up and it is with the infotainment system.

Acura thought that it will be a big step forward in terms of technology if they are to offer a full-touchscreen infotainment system but they have come to realize that it is not a practical way forward for their cars.

After getting bombarded with harsh criticism on the matter, Acura revealed that they will offer their cars with a new infotainment system in the near future and it will be one that comes with a physical knob for ease of operation.

What bothered us is the fact that Acura refuses to admit to their mistake and they even made it sound like the physical knob is their creation.

Well, there is no use to criticize Acura any longer as we are relief to see the physical buttons on the infotainment returning. The change will begin with the 2019 NSX and it will then be followed by every other vehicle from Acura.