Acura NSX Type R Allegedly Losing Weight & Gaining Manual!

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The all-new Acura NSX is a nice supercar to own but the way Honda has priced its halo vehicle has prevented the enthusiasts from uniting in praising the NSX.

There isn’t much which the NSX did wrong. The car is simply inferior in performance when compared to other sports cars of similar pricing. If that is not bad enough, the NSX is also lacking in luxuries and comfort. If the current NSX is to be 25% cheaper, such an offering would make sense.

Honda can choose to fix it like that but instead of doing so, they have decided on the development of an even more powerful NSX – the NSX Type R. The details on the NSX Type R will get laid out next year but that isn’t stopping insiders from giving us a rough idea on what to expect from the car.

The latest insider report revealed that the NSX Type R will be significantly faster but it will still revolve around the definition of the Type R as portrayed by the Honda Civic Type R.

This means that the NSX Type R will be lighter than the current model and insiders are quoting a drop-in weight by 600 pounds. If that is not exciting enough, the NSX Type R will also gain a manual gearbox. Well, all will be confirmed when the NSX Type R makes its official debut next year.