Acura NSX Type R: It May Not Materialize At All!

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The Acura NSX is a supercar from Honda that runs on a hybrid powertrain and we can commend the vehicle for having a splendid performance to offer. While the MSRP may be questionable, the NSX is still a great vehicle to own and it promises to get better through the Type R variant coming in the future.

Honda has already talked about the Type R upgrade coming to the NSX and it will see the supercar getting a large dosage of power enhancements. In other words, the NSX Type R is going to be significantly faster than the model today and we personally can’t wait to learn more about it.

There is one problem, however, and it is that the NSX Type R may not happen at all. Despite the teasers from Honda, reports are now claiming that the carmaker is rethinking on the development of the NSX Type R after seeing the current NSX hitting a new low on the sales front.

In figures, Honda only moved 5 NSX in North America and this translates to a whopping 94% decline from the year before.

This greatly explains why the odds are now against the NSX Type R materializing. But on the other hand, the NSX Type R may just be able to solve the decline by becoming the new standard – replacing the current NSX. What do you think?