Acura NSX Type-R: Odds Stacked Against 2018 Debut!

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Acura has made it clear that they are not completely done with the NSX. There are still a couple more versions of the car coming out in the near future and today, we have gotten a better idea on when they are coming.

In total, there are two more versions of the NSX currently in development – the Roadster and the Type R. Autobild reported that the NSX Roadster will make an appearance at a major auto show in Q4 this year before going on sale before 2018 ends.

While there are no mentions on the status of the Type R, the release timing of the Roadster strongly suggests that the super-performance NSX will look at 2019 for its debut.

It’s pure logic to have such expectation because having two NSX getting launched at the same time will lead to an internal competition. From a business perspective, it is safer to have the Roadster cooked into the market before launching the NSX Type R.