Acura NSX vs Tesla Model S: Why Honda Wins…

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The latest generation Acura NSX may not be the most exciting or attractive car in the supercar scene but we can expect many to pick the vehicle over the Tesla Model S P100D. This very expectation is based on a recent viral video of the NSX going head-to-head with the P100D on a drag contest.

The video saw bot the NSX and the P100D competing on the quarter-mile challenge and it ended with Tesla bagging victory over its rival. This was expected prior to the race as the specs sheet has shown that the P100D is the superior vehicle on straight-line performance.

But then again, nobody anticipated the gap between the two vehicles to be so narrow at only 0.14 seconds and this explains why many, even those from the Tesla fan club would prefer having the NSX over the P100D.

Unlike the P100D, the NSX has a hybrid setup which means that it can produce similar performance over-and-over again. The P100D’s pure EV setup would require a fully charged battery and that will give it a limited number of drag runs on Ludicrous Mode.

Furthermore, the racing clip highlighted that the NSX can’t burst into speed better than the P100D but it can gain pace after 200 meters in the track. If the quarter-mile challenge is swapped for a half-mile contest, the result may favour the NSX.

Last but not least is the fact that the NSX is not limited to the drag strip. The halo car from Honda is actually refined for track performance – a field where the Model S is considered as an average car.