Acura NSX: When Porsche’s GT3 Gets Lost In Translation

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The Porsche 911 is one of the leading names in the automotive sports industry and anyone with the slightest knowledge on cars can recognize the insane 911 GT3. The GT3 moniker defines a more insane version of the 911 but it appears that Honda’s Acura isn’t aware of it.

For Acura, they have decided to produce a new version of the NSX for the upcoming LA Auto Show and it is called the NSX GT3. The idea was brought up at the last Detroit Auto Show and today, we can learn a little more about the car.

To our horror, the NSX GT3 does not offer any powertrain improvements at all. Instead, Acura has decided to strip the original NSX of all the tech gimmicks to turn the car into a raw performance vehicle.

The removal of several components has successfully made the NSX GT3 lighter in weight but the speed improvements are very minimal. As such, we find it right to say that Acura has made a mistake to call the vehicle the NSX GT3 when they should instead made the car as a new base model.