Acura Pickup Truck: A Glorified Ridgeline Or A Merc-Killer?

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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed their interest to build luxury pickup trucks and they are already working on a model today. The pickup truck from Mercedes is expected to get unveiled at the end of this year and it will be interesting to see what the luxury carmaker has in store for us.

The thing is that Mercedes’ decision to develop pickup trucks has attracted a lot of interest from rival carmakers. Names like BMW, Audi and even Genesis admitted that they are monitoring the market. If the pickup truck from Mercedes does come out good, then they will be motivated to throw I a competitor in the segment.

Today, yet another carmaker teased on competing with Mercedes-Benz in developing an ute and it is none other than Acura. The luxury arm of Honda said in an interview that they acknowledged the growing popularity of SUVs and utility-tailored vehicles. If there room for a luxury pickup truck, they have the resources to build one.

The statement from Acura strongly suggests that there could be a luxury pickup truck coming from Japan. If so, the vehicle is likely to be based on the Honda Ridgeline but with more blings on board. This is just like how the MDX is when compared to the Honda Pilot.

It is an obvious outcome and one that we can expect to get produced by Acura unless the carmaker decides to break away from being just a builder of glorified cars from Honda. What do you think will be the outcome of it all?