Acura Pickup Truck: Can It Stop Mercedes-Benz?

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After hearing tons about the future pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz, several luxury carmakers have been showing interest in competing with the three-pointed star. Among them is Acura which revealed that it has got the resources to compete in the luxury pickup segment.

The luxury arm of Honda started off by acknowledging the fact that utility vehicles is now the dime in the automotive industry hence they are considering developing a pickup truck.

While the details are not provided by Acura, we can already expect the pickup truck to be nothing more than just a glorified Honda Ridgeline. This is an obvious outcome, especially if you realize that most cars from Acura are nothing more than a luxury remake of the cars from Honda.

If the pattern is to continue, then we can expect the pickup truck from Acura to be the Ridgeline. However, the Ridgeline will have its design upgraded to appear more luxurious and the interior redesigned to meet the market’s specific demand.

All will be confirmed when Acura offers us an update on the status of their pickup truck plans but we are still more interested in knowing if a glorified Ridgeline can compete with the pickup truck from Mercedes. What do you think?

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  1. Rich Brown

    January 13, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Having purchased a Ridgeline 2017 Black Edition, it already stands at the head of the class, as numerous “Truck of the Year” awards have shown. Stepping it up for Acura branding can only further move this awesome driving and amazingly functional truck a force in teh upscale / luxury truck market. If you have not driven a new Ridgeline Black edition and looked at all of its features, you will not get this. My wife takes my truck often for shopping trips (Not a minor travel event) over her Mercedes E350. I am not kidding.