Acura Pickup Truck Gets Knocked Off Despite No Confirmation

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About a year ago, Acura revealed that they are open to the idea of developing an upmarket pickup truck to compete with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class but they have yet to provide any follow-up on the vehicle’s development.

The lack of information on the Acura pickup truck has led many to get preyed by the vehicle pictured above. At a glance, the vehicle looks like a pickup truck from Acura and the biggest giveaway is with the beak-like front design.

After performing an extensive investigation into the matter, we came to know that the vehicle is actually not from Acura but a pickup truck from a local manufacturer in China. The vehicle is being sold in the country without any hindrance and we can’t help but to laugh at the sight of it.

One thing is for sure and it is that Acura won’t be too happy with the design of the pickup truck, especially if they were serious about venturing into the segment.