Acura S2000 Is Officially Not Happening

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One of the biggest rumours in 2017 is the development of the next-gen Honda S2000 and the vehicle was mentioned to be badged as an Acura when launched here in the US.

Various insiders and leaks backed up those claims but today, we can confirm that the ‘baby NSX’ won’t be happening at all. While there may still be no word on the fate of the next-gen Honda S2000, Acura revealed earlier today that there is no such project in motion.

However, Acura commended those claims citing that the idea of having the S2000 built as a baby NSX would be great. Personally, we simply see this as a notion to ease the disappointment on the crowd that are rooted to the baby NSX rumours.

The truth has been set free and we can now confirm that there won’t be an entry level Acura sports car that will rely on a 380hp performance hybrid powertrain.