Aftermarket Man Unimpressed With Corvette ZR1!

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Ever since GM brought out the all-new Corvette ZR1 a week ago, we have been singing praises for the car as everything about the vehicle is excitingly good.

Well, we have snapped out of our trance towards the new Corvette ZR1 and it was then when we started noticing some potential red flags with the car.

One of our readers woke us up from the dreamy bits of the new Corvette ZR1 when he commented that the car is an upgrade but not one bit revolutionary.

In detail, the lad quoted “the ZR1 to be near identical to the second-gen C7 Z06. The latter is significantly cheaper than the ZR1 but it too can be upgraded to perform like the new sports car.

On the other hand, the same argument can be applied with the minimal gap separating the Grand Sport with the Z06. It is not as if the ZR1 is out of reach or in its own league for that matter.”

The points raised are something which we find pretty interesting although it is not a deal breaker for performance lovers that look up to the Vette ZR1. What do you make of it?