Alfa Romeo 4C Is Able To Hit The Right Music Notes

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The Alfa Romeo 4C is a pretty nice convertible to own as it is fast, stylish and also powerful. Soon, the 4C will get updated with a new mechanism that will allow the car to produce a nice sound.

This was confirmed by Alfa Romeo when they announced that the 2017 VC will be equipped with new components that will turn the roadster into an orchestra on wheels.

The upgrade involves a new Akrapovic dual-mode titanium exhaust that is paired together with the asymmetrical mufflers and link pipe. Alfa is also adding in a built-in resonator so that the 4C can hit the right music notes which can improve the overall driving feel.

Inside the cabin, the audio capabilities of the 4C will also get upgraded to offer better sounding speakers for more pleasure when listening to music. Alfa concluded their announcement by sharing that the upgraded 4C Coupe will retail from $55,900 and the convertible Spider model will retail at $65,900.