Alfa Romeo Giulia Craze Turns CR Warnings Into Whispers

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Yesterday, Consumer Reports officially released their full review on the latest Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti and they remarks on the car were mostly positive.

But in spite of the goodness that is with the Giulia, Consumer Reports warned against buying the car quickly as they have no confidence on the reliability of the vehicle. CR revealed that during their test, they experienced some difficulties with the electronics and gearbox, especially during the cold morning.

Normally, warnings made by Consumer Reports have a strong influence on the consumers but this is not the case with the Giulia. Despite indicating that the Giulia’s reliability requires a huge leap of faith, sales of the car keeps going on a sharp incline.

This cannot be helped as there have yet to be any reports of a major production fault with the Giulia. It requires time to measure the Giulia’s reliability but the fact that the vehicle is a hot performer has got many rushing to purchase the car.