Alfa Romeo Giulia Cries For Mercedes, BMW Volume!

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia ticks every box for being a great upmarket sedan but this is putting aside reliability and resale value. Despite receiving a high grade by various major reviewers, the Giulia is still missing that extra something which can put it on equal footing with the cars from BMW and Mercedes.

Whatever this missing thing is, its absence is preventing the Giulia from enjoying a sales volume that is on par with the C-Class and the 3-Series. Even Alfa Romeo is not quite sure on what it is and they don’t think it is reliability.

Alfa revealed yesterday that the Giulia is a huge leap forward on reliability although it will take time to convince the mass market on this. Alfa then added that the ideal way to make the Giulia more attractive is to bump up its value.

As such, Alfa has decided to turn many features into a standard offering for the 2018 Giulia. Among them includes chrome speaker surrounds on the doors, a new 18” alloy wheels, Harmon Kardon premium audio system and a forward collision warning plus system.

The list of options with the Giulia has also been improved thanks to the addition of many new features. Whether this is enough to push the Giulia into a big volume player is a question that remains to be answered.