Alfa Romeo Giulia: Doubtful Reliability Boosted By Chrysler 300!

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What is there not to like about the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia? The car is luxurious, powerful and is also competitively priced. Despite getting a lot of love from the public, the consumers are not interested in purchasing the Giulia and this is due to the vehicle’s unproven reliability.

Recent weeks have seen reports of drivers encountering plenty of problems with the Giulia. The reports reminded everyone on Alfa Romeo’s dark history of being unable to produce reliable cars.

Well, Alfa responded to this negativity by claiming that the Giulia is truly reliable and the recent issues are actually with the weak software that is powering the car. Alfa Romeo revealed that they will be pushing out a software update and it will rid the vehicle of every issue.

We never took this statement seriously until we saw Alfa Romeo pushing out an update for the Chrysler 300. The latter had just received a software update and it managed to rid the car of all the issues encountered by owners. The Chrysler 300 turned out so good that Consumer Reports suddenly labeled the car as a recommended purchase.

If the 300 can go from zero to hero following the software update, then we can certainly expect the same with the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia.