Alfa Romeo Giulia Faces E-Class, S90 For European Award

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We are a week away from the annual European Car of the Year award ceremony and the event will see the crowning of the best car launched in 2016. Unlike previous years, 2016 is being contested by several great nominees and we are unable to predict a winner.

A total of 7 vehicles are shortlisted for the award and they are the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Citroen C3, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Nissan Micra, Peugeot 3008, Toyota C-HR and the Volvo S90/V90. All of the nominees are great in their own respective ways thus giving off a huge suspense on which car will be the next European Car of the Year.

Out of the 7 names, we are pulled towards the Giulia as the car offers the most fun out of the pack. But then again, it is the E-Class which gave us 5-star comfort inside the cabin. The S90 is the prettiest vehicle in our eyes whereas the C-HR offers the best value in the affordable crossover department.

So, which car will come out the winner? We would love to hear your predictions below.