Alfa Romeo Giulia Getting Poached By Hackers?

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The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia is easily the best compact performance car money can buy right now but that doesn’t mean the vehicle is perfect. Despite being a proven performer, the Giulia is a little behind in other departments namely security.

We mentioned security because an Alfa Romeo Giulia that took the stage at the recent Milwaukee Auto Show was subtly hacked by a mysterious individual. It was reported here that the man was seen behaving suspiciously as he walked towards the car. He then plays around with his smartphone which led to the Giulia remotely unlocking.

The fact that the Giulia unlocked without the knowledge of the caretaker left the representatives of Alfa Romeo dazed and confused. It is also unsure if the unlocking incident is purely caused by the car being hacked by the mysterious man with the smartphone.

The witness alerted the authorities and they are now reviewing the incident. If the Giulia was truly hacked, we can’t imagine the scare it can cause in the automotive industry.