Alfa Romeo Giulia: One Update Away From Bulletproof Reliability!

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Recent months have seen a sharp growth in the number of reported problems with the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia and this is preventing the masses from adopting the highly rated car.

The Giulia may have an appealing design and performance but the stigma of poor reliability of Alfa Romeo’s cars is hitting it hard. With all these new problems in hand, it is preventing the Giulia from making leaps in the market.

Well, Alfa Romeo revealed earlier today that the faults with the Giulia are actually not due to poor reliability. The root of the problem is with the buggy software which powers the car and it can be solved with a software update.

Coincidentally, the same issues were found with the Chrysler 300 and everything got fixed with a software update. Things are so good for the 300 right now that Consumer Reports have added it in its recommended purchase list.

If this is to signal anything, Alfa Romeo Giulia may just turn bulletproof once the update gets released to the car. The question is will this be enough to restore the purchasing confidence of the masses?