Alfa Romeo Giulia QV vs BMW i8: Is This Even A Fight? [Video]

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The hybrid Bimmer may seem the fancier sports car, but in terms of pure power it cannot hold a candle to the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verder (QV). The German’s combined output of 357hp doesn’t come close to Alfa’s 505hp twin-turbo V6, so a race between the two would only yield one clear winner.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped the folks from The Bay Area Racing from pitting the Giulia QV and i8 against each other, rather than making the performance sedan compete against the likes of BMW M3 or Mercedes-AMG C63, which other channels have already done.

And if you’ve seen the comprehensive comparison video done by Motor Trend, you would have a pretty good idea of where it stands relative to the Cadillac ATS-V as well. The Giulia QV is basically equal or better than all of its direct rivals.

Anyway, it’s really fun to watch the Italian humble BMW’s hybrid, and the predictable outcome doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Besides, it’s cool to witness a $140,000 ride get bullied by something that’s only about half its price.