Alfa Romeo Giulia Wants To Move From Steady To Spike!

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The latest Alfa Romeo Giulia may have debuted with a highly attractive specs sheet but sales of the vehicle have been slow since its introduction in the market. This cannot be helped as the consumers are having a cautious stance towards the Giulia QV due to the fear of poor reliability.

In other words, many are observing the early buyers driving the car for a year or two. If the Giulia is able to keep hold of its bolts and screws, the consumers will have greater confidence in owning the car.

Even with the slow sales, the Giulia is steadily growing in numbers and this is thanks to a consistent incline on the sales front. Last month saw the Giulia recording its best sales month yet as it went from 992 units to 1104 units sold.

For Alfa, they are hoping to change the steady pace of sales into a massive spike in the number of Giulia sold. Alfa revealed earlier today that they will be launching a software update that will improve on the Giulia’s performance as well as fix any lingering issues.

The software update is also hoped to be a magnet to attract more new buyers but will it serve Alfa well?