Alfa Romeo Giulia Wins COTY & It Shot Down BMW 3-Series While At It!

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Popular automotive outlet Motor Trend has announced their picks for car of the year (COTY) and it is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This has shocked many because the Giulia is still viewed as an unproven vehicle due to its young age.

Well, you should note that Motor Trend never dwelled into reliability and there has yet to be any major cases with the new Giulia. With performance being the scope of the award, it is understandable why Motor Trend has decided on the Giulia instead of the other vehicles.

The Giulia is simply a pleasure to drive and the range-topping 505hp Quadrifoglio has proved its worth when beating the likes of Mercedes-AMG C63 and the BMW M3.

Speaking of BMW, Motor Trend blasted the German brand for letting the Giulia win the award. The firm quoted, “The Giulia fills the space vacated by BMW. Yet even at the apex of its reign, a 3 Series never rode this well or cornered with such poise and precision simultaneously.”

If this isn’t enough to wake BMW up, we don’t know what will.