Alfa Romeo Stelvio Lacks Ambition To Beat German SUVs

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Alfa Romeo has finally launched the Stelvio but the pricing structure of the SUV feels like Alfa Romeo has botched it against its German rivals.

The Stelvio has an opening price of about $43,000 and adopting the vehicle with the Driver Assistance Static Package, Driver Assist Dynamic Plus Package, Harman Kardon sound system, sunroof, and a few other optional can take the price all the way to $52,040.

Everything about the Stelvio sounds great until you realized that the vehicle relies on a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can develop 280hp and 306ft-lbs of torque. Also, for a high calling price, the Stelvio is still not offered with sporty wheels. The rims are small in size and they lack a nice design.

This makes the Stelvio being very similar to its German rivals and it is also why we feel that Alfa could’ve have done better if their main goal is to outdo their German counterparts. If Alfa really wanted to, they could have offered a basic V6 mill with the Stelvio and this will surely take the attention away from the German SUVs.

Instead, Alfa chose to match the competition rather than beating it. We don’t know about you but we feel that this will act as a handbrake on Alfa’s sales conquest. What do you think?