Alfa Romeo Stelvio Thrills From The Driver’s Seat [Video]

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After seeing how good the Alfa Romeo Giulia turned out to be, we can’t help it but to have high expectations for the upcoming Stelvio.

For those who have no clue what the Stelvio is, the vehicle is a premium SUV that is based on the Giulia and it is the next major product to come from Alfa Romeo. The Stelvio is scheduled to arrive later this year but we don’t have to wait any longer if we want an idea on how the vehicle drives.

A POV clip of the Stelvio in action has surfaced online earlier today and it gives an exciting virtual reality-like experience inside the car and while driving the SUV. Despite seeing it through the eyes of the tester, the clip gives us an exciting experience and made us feel more excited for the Stelvio.

When the Stelvio arrives, the vehicle will be offered with a number of exciting powertrain options and the list includes a turbocharged 280hp 2L petrol as well as a 2.2L turbodiesel mill.