All-New Mercedes C-Class Killing Off 2017 For BMW & Audi

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Mercedes has been using the name ‘Class’ on their vehicles because they all represent a level of luxury that is unrivalled to any other vehicles. At first, this is seen as a brand gimmick to promote presence and reputation but now, this looks to be a reality.

After achieving the best sales in 2016, we thought that BMW and Audi will offer a stronger response to Mercedes-Benz but that is yet to happen. Well, things are not slowing down for Mercedes-Benz because the all-new C-Class had just wrapped up a highly positive January 2017.

Mercedes-Benz sold 27% more C-Class than January of last year and this translates to 6,453 units. In total, Mercedes-Benz sold 25,527 vehicles in the month of January, which confirms a 3.5% increase of the month of January 2016.

BMW is not even close as it only sold 18,109 vehicles and this is followed by Lexus with 15,572. Audi is falling far behind the pecking order as it only managed to sell 15,572 vehicles in January.