Another Tesla Model S, Another Autopilot Abuser Nabbed!

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The past decade or so has witnessed law enforcers becoming sterner towards drivers that never utilize the seatbelt in their car. Patrol vehicles tend to observe the use of safety belts when cruising on public roads and they will halt anyone that does not utilize the safety feature.

Well, since 2010, the checks got more intense as police also kept a lookout for irresponsible drivers that utilizes their smartphone when driving. Now, we can add one more to that list and it is Autopilot abusing.

Since the release of Autopilot on the Tesla Model S, several crashes have prompted Tesla to made it mandatory for drivers to keep their hands on the wheels. Some Model S owners never heeded the warning and it resulted in them getting slapped with a ticket.

Today, another case of this happened when a Model S commuter was nabbed after getting caught sitting on the passenger seat. The incident occurred in London and it saw the offender losing all his rights to operate a vehicle.