Aston Martin DB11 vs Alfa Romeo Giulia: First To Recall Wins

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Less than a year ago, Aston Martin launched the all-new DB11. The British supercar is truly in a league of its own as the vehicle is packed with the best luxuries available and a competitive performance.

Perhaps, the same can be said for the latest Alfa Romeo Giulia in the premium sports sedan segment. The Giulia ticks every box when it comes to performance but it is still unable to make leaps on the sales front due to the consumers’ lack of confidence on Alfa’s reliability.

It gets worse when we started hearing about some issues drivers of the Giulia encountered with the car and they are all pending for a response from Alfa Romeo.

Meanwhile, the DB11 is being recalled by Aston Martin despite the car still being hot from the oven. Aston Martin revealed that they have identified an issue with the DB11’s tier-pressure monitoring system that a recall is needed to fix it.

About 319 DB11s are recalled here in the US and the owners are being notified of it. Normally, recalls serve as a sign of poor reliability but in the DB11’s case, it is good to see Aston Martin reacting quickly to any issues on the car. Perhaps Alfa should do the same for the Giulia.