Aston Martin DBX: Bond Is Not Going Electric Just Yet!

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The automotive market all over the globe is extensively pushing out green-tailored vehicles and they are also pressuring carmakers to downsize from gas guzzling mills that are prominent on V8s, V10s and V12s.

Aston Martin are among those that have faced huge pressures to downsize or go electric but the carmaker is not ready to submit to the will of emission regulators just yet.

Aston Martin’s next major product, the DBX, has been closely linked to getting a hybrid outfit but those claims have been trashed by the carmaker today. The company quoted that they have relaunched the Lagonda brand that will produce zero emission vehicles. Such a move will buy Aston Martin some time to revise their line-up and also ease the pressure to downsize.

As such, the DBX is now more likely to follow the DB11’s powertrain offerings where a 4L V8 will be available on the entry-level model and a 5.2L V12 powering the range-topping model.

It is also worth pointing out that the DBX will become the first major crossover from Aston Martin and it will act as the next Bond car if there is going to be a new instalment to the James Bond series.