Aston Martin: it’s Time For A Bond Car On Stilts!

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SUVs and Crossovers are regarded by many enthusiasts as compact cars on stilts. This cannot be avoided as both SUVs and crossovers are tall in height but they don’t offer any form of performance advantage aside from greater viewing distance.

Despite the negative stance towards SUVs and crossovers, they are the trend in the automotive scene at the moment and the craze has even led a number of exotic brands into developing their first SUV.

The latest to join the SUV trend is Aston Martin. The British carmaker revealed earlier today that their last meeting has concluded with the approval for the development of an SUV. With Aston Martin also known for being James Bond’s official ride, it is perhaps right to assume that there will be a premium SUV with Aston’s badge featuring in a bond film.

But of course, we don’t expect the SUV from Aston Martin to come too soon. At best, the vehicle may come out late next year – just in time for it to contest against the Ferrari FUV.