Aston Martin Response To Tesla Roadster, “Be Prepared!”

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It is about time a major carmaker picks up the task to rival the next-gen Tesla Roadster. The latter was confirmed to be in development last year and the target performance has shown that it will arrive with the ability to hit 60mph from stop in just 1.9 seconds.

There is no doubting Tesla when it comes to insane EV acceleration as the carmaker has proved its worth through the Model S with Ludicrous Mode. Now, Aston Martin has come out to show their interest in competing with the Tesla Roadster.

Aston Martin previously revealed that they won’t dwell into PHEVs due to the complexity of the system and cost of development. Today, they returned to share that EV is the path they would take due to its simple and straightforward nature.

Aston Martin added that with the right EV setup, they can beat the Tesla Roadster as the electric motors will be combined with the brand’s hallmark lightweight structural technology, aerodynamic reputation and rolling resistance expertise.

More details on the Aston Martin EV are expected to surface in the coming years.