Aston Martin Vantage: You Need Luck To Buy One!

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The newly unveiled Aston Martin Vantage has created a craze in the automotive industry but getting the vehicle is not as easy as paying and waiting.

This is because the new Vantage does not have the volume of a McLaren 720S hence you will need to be lucky if you want to become an early adopter of the vehicle.

For a car of its status and power, the Vantage is considered cheap as it costs only Euro.154,000. Aston Martin has revealed that they will begin deliveries in January next year and they warned that the car is almost sold out.

At present moment, there are only 20% Vantage left for grabs and it will be sold in a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are to miss this window of opportunity, you will need to wait a year more for the 2019 year model.