Audi A3 Coupe Will Only Insult Audi TT

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It seems that Audi wants to develop a brand new 4-door coupe based on the A3 sedan and this can have a sour effect to other vehicles from the 4-Ring brand.

The confirmation was made in an interview earlier today when Audi revealed that the A3 Coupe in their vision is going to materialize before 2020. Everything sure sounds exciting until we realized one problem with the whole idea. Why is Audi not referring to the TT Sportsback Concept that was unveiled last year for their 4-door coupe project?

As how you can see above, the TT Sportsback already look like the complete package and all that is left is for Audi to give it life. The TT is already compact enough like the A3 and it has more character on its design.

The fact that Audi snubs the TT Sportsback for a 4-door coupe that is completely based on the A3 sounds like an insult to the TT nameplate. Is the latter not exciting enough to fill in the gap or are we missing something here?