Audi A4: How To Prevent Safety Chime From Killing You

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When you drive a car like the Audi A4, it is just not possible for you to drive the car based on the road’s speed limit throughout its lifetime. There will be those occasions where you want to try and go beyond 200mph, regardless of the risks that comes with it.

One of our readers happened to drive the latest A4 and he shared that he almost crash into the side of the road after being distracted by a safety feature when speeding on a dark freeway. It was said that he was doing 90mph when a loud chime came through the speakers inside the A4 and a message popped up on the infotainment system.

The lad then got distracted when he glanced at the message which basically says he is speeding. When our reader got his eyes back on the road, the A4 has strayed towards the barricade and he managed to swerve back to the inside of the lane.

The safety message is meant to remind drivers on the dangers of speeding hence the warning. If you wish to turn it off, you will need to anticipate the chime before pressing the “set” button in the instrument cluster. Doing so will change the speed warning settings for good.