Audi A7 Bust Up Screams A Need For Luxury Pickups?

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The 2019 A7 is the next big thing to come from Audi and the car has already been spotted multiple times when performing some tests on public roads. The latest sighting was in Austria and it led to the A7 turning into an inferno.

The A7 is said to be towing a load up a hill when suddenly, fire starts rising on the hood of the car. The fire was so intense that it completely devoured the A7 prototype in 20 minutes. Thankfully for the employee, he managed to escape without any injuries.

The good news here is that the fire occurred while the A7 is being tested hence Audi can surely prevent a fault from happening with a production-ready model. If Audi decides to scrap the whole towing idea, then they should really consider developing a luxury pickup truck like Mercedes-Benz.

As much as the A7 is intended for versatility, the towing aspect of things is not in its purest form. This is why the feature should be a pickup truck-reserved ability and Audi should know better about it.