Audi Calls For A4, A6 & A8 To Be Different From One Another

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Whether it is Audi or just about any other German luxury carmaker, there is that same method of building the same car in different sizes.

Many have blasted Audi for building the A4, A6 and A8 identically to one another with the only difference being the size and this criticism is finally being heard.

A spokesperson from Audi revealed earlier today that starting this year, they will take on a new direction and it will be one that will give each of their production cars its own unique identity. It is no longer the small/medium/large recipe that has been the way since the past decade.

But of course, there is no telling how Audi plans to approach this and how the likes of A4 plan to differ from the A8. More on this will be revealed in the near future.