Audi EV Don’t Want To Repeat Chevy Bolt Mistake

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Last December saw GM launching the Chevrolet Bolt but the vehicle never managed to create a sales impact upon its debut. This cannot be helped as GM was unsuccessful in their attempt at distributing the Bolt on a national level.

Today, that nationwide sales promise has finally been fulfilled and we can see the Chevrolet Bolt selling at a faster pace than ever. All is good for the Chevrolet Bolt and it’s rocky launch was well studied by Audi.

The German luxury brand revealed earlier today that their EVs are targeting a wide scale release. To be more specific, every Audi EV produced is targeting the global market. In a bid to prevent launching delays, Audi has pledged to set up a production facility at every region.

Having a strong network of facilities will enable them to keep production costs at its minimum while also ensuring timely releases of their EV cars.