Audi May Drop R8 In EV Movement!

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Electric cars, or EV for short, are fast taking over gasoline-powered vehicles and this is starting to have an effect on the supercar scene. Most, if not all, overpowered vehicles rely on a gasoline powertrain but Tesla have shown that you can go fast with electric.

The convincing performance of the Model S P100D has had an impact on the entire automotive scene and it led Porsche to announce the development of the Mission E. Today, Audi got scooped together in the EV takeover when reports started linking the carmaker to the development of an electric supercar.

The word is that the halo EV will be equipped with a 600-mile electric powertrain that can compete closely with the Tesla P100D. On the downside of things, the reports are also indicating that the EV’s arrival will bring an end to the R8.

This means that the EV will be replacing the R8 entirely – something which we will have a hard time accepting. The R8 is one of the most popular supercars around and replacing it with an EV instantaneously is something that consumers will find hard to accept.