Audi Q3 RS: Filling The Gap Behind BMW X3 M?

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The premium compact SUV segment is about to get a lot more exciting as two new vehicles are about to make their respective debut. The first is the Audi Q3 RS and the second is the BMW X3 M.

The former will be launched together with the next-gen Q3 next year whereas the X3 M is bound to arrive 2019 with way more power to offer. We have been hearing plenty about the future X3 M and most sources agree that the car will have 425hp to offer from a 3L turbocharged mill.

Today, reports on the Q3 RS surfaced online and they are tipping that the car will have about 400hp to offer from a refined 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged mill.

If the above is sport on, then the BMW X3 M is clearly ahead of the Q3 RS due to having greater power count. On the other hand, the Q3 RS is likely to sound better thanks to having an odd number of cylinders. But until the Q3 RS is able to demonstrate its power, the car is second best to the X3 M on the papers.