Audi Q7 Haunted By Repeated Mistakes From Volkswagen

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The Audi Q7 is easily one of the best luxury SUVs in the world but this does not mean that the vehicle is free from any faults. Today, the Q7 is being recalled by Audi after a problem was found with the vehicle’s fuel pump flange.

Audi revealed that there may be a crack with the fuel pump flange on the Q7 and it may result in fuel leak. Leaving it unattended will not only waste fuel as it will also put the Q7 at risk of catching fire. Audi is not taking any chances and they have ordered a recall of the 2015 Q7.

It is not the first time for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group to suffer from fuel leak problems. Very recently ago, a similar recall order was made for the Q5 and also the Porsche Macan. Volkswagen’s history of fuel leak goes back all the way to the early 90s and this is haunting the Q7.