Audi Q8 RS: An R8 In The Shell Of An SUV?

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Audi revealed earlier today that they are about the secure the trademark for the name of the Q8 RS and the vehicle promises to become the most powerful SUV in Audi’s camp.

The aim here is to have a pure challenger for the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 and the BMW X6 M. Since Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, they are expected to source the mill for the Q8 RS from the upcoming Lamborghini Urus.

In other words, the Q8 RS may come out running on a 4L twin-turbo V8 that can develop more than 600hp. Audi will further refine the mill to give it a unique driving feel and they will be taking a lot of influence from the R8.

With the latter being Audi’s halo car, it is perhaps right to call the Q8 RS as an R8 in the shell of an SUV. The full details on the Q8 RS are expected to surface later this year.