Audi R8 Safety Car Took A Minute Of Fame From Toyota

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By now, most car enthusiasts must have known on the things that happened at the last Le Mans event. For those that don’t know, Toyota was dominating the 24 hour race but right at the final minute, the vehicle broke down thus handing Porsche the victory.

It was a tragic moment for Toyota and the pain was shared with the viewers worldwide. The incident became a talking point, even until today. Despite all the coverage surrounding Toyota in Le Mans, Audi managed to get a slice of the attention.

As you can see above, the Audi R8 Safety Car was caught doing a slide while on duty. In simpler terms, the R8 drifted on the wet, rainy track. It lifted the mood of the crowd that is present at the track and it also shows that track safety cars are not meant to be underestimated at all.

Some would argue that the R8 Safety Car does not have good work ethics but we don’t see its action as something harmful. Haters should just take it as unprecedented act of showbiz.