Audi RS3 Allegedly Delaying Next Mercedes A45 AMG!

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Come next year, Mercedes-Benz will launch the next-gen A-Class and this will then be followed by the release of the performance-tuned A45 AMG.

The latter has always offered the best performance in the hatchback category hence it is not surprising to see Mercedes making big promises with the next-gen model.

Mercedes-AMG has stated months ago that the next-gen A45 is eyeing to become the fastest vehicle in hatchback history. We also know that the A45 will come out running on a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 400hp to offer.

Such a setup will certainly allow the next A45 to compete with the latest Audi RS3 – a rival that is packed with 400hp.

Speaking of which, we came across a report earlier today claiming that the next A45 was supposed to come out in November last month but Mercedes has decided to delay the vehicle for further refinements upon seeing what the latest RS3 is capable off.

There is no telling if this allegation is for real and even if it is true, we would do the same since we have announced on a big goal with the vehicle.