Audi RS3 Helps Solve Honda Civic Type R Pricing Crisis!

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The latest Honda Civic Type R is a nice, fast and affordable sports hatch but it is unfortunate that dealers are not planning to let the car go based on its MSRP.

Since the latest generation Civic Type R made its debut earlier this year, the dealers have called for a fee that is twice more than the car’s MSRP. This price mark-up has scared away a lot of interested consumers but the good news here is that the mark-ups are gradually going down in value.

It is predicted that by next year, most dealers will stick to the Civic Type R’s MSRP due to the car not being the newest and hottest thing in town. But then again, you can actually skip the wait and try getting the Civic Type R with a very minimal price mark-up today.

Our trip to a local Honda dealer yesterday saw the Civic Type R’s price getting jacked up by a margin of $20,000. This means that we will need to pay almost $60,000 for the car and this resulted in us telling off the seller that we would rather settle for the Audi RS3.

That very logic left the dealer in a state of unrest and they then decided to lower their asking price to about $39,990. It may still be costly to own but at least $40,000 is much better than $60,000. You should try it out.