Audi RS4 True Power Exposed On The Machines!

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Audi’s commitment to downsize has officially affected the RS4 as the latest-generation model came out last month without having a V8 engine on-board. Instead, the RS4 B9 is equipped with a V6 TFSI mill that can develop 444bhp.

This is clearly short of what its rival, the Mercedes-AMG C63, can offer but to call the RS4 weak is not accurate at all. This is due to the fact that the RS4 is a lot faster than what the brochures have indicated it to be – as per the reviews from major automotive outlets over in Europe.

The RS4 has kept on exceeding performance expectations since it made its debut and it has left a group of individuals curious over the car’s true power. These folks have since worked together to send the RS4 onto the dyno machine for a power test and the result is mind-blowing. You can see it for yourself below.