Audi RS6 Confirmed A Tough Cookie In Bumper Car Cop Chase!

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One would argue that most modern cars are too soft in comparison with vehicles produced in the 90s but this is not entirely true at all. Most cars today feels soft on the outside as it would soften the impact of a crash.

For some other cars, they are simply hard as a rock as they can take a lot of banging without dying off. The latest Audi RS6 belongs in this category as it has proven yesterday that it can take a lot of physical beating without sustaining any big damages.

The RS6 was spotted being chased down by police officers in the UK and it purposely rammed on the patrol cars in a bid to halt the chase. When doing so, the RS6 suffered mild dents whereas the police car broke its coolant.

It is not a high-speed chase as the incident took place in a neighborhood area and this probably explains why the RS6 adopted a crash and bang strategy as if it is in a video game. You can check out the entire incident below.