Audi RS6 Proves How Overrated Nissan GT-R Really Is

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What is there not to like about the Nissan GT-R? The supercar from Japan has done it all in its ten years of existence and the car is now beginning to show its age. Despite still being one of the fastest vehicles around the track today, the GT-R has become more vulnerable to getting beaten by newer cars.

This was highlighted yet again when the GT-R on track was being tailed closely by a surprise challenger. Like how it is mentioned in the title, it is the Audi RS6. The RS6 is nothing more than just a luxury station wagon that is tuned for maximum power but this is apparently enough to leave our jaws dropped on the tracks.

The RS6 is heavier than the GT-R but it made up for it with a 597hp turbocharged V8 engine. The car also operates on AWD for greater handling on the road. With the RS6 being able to tail the GT-R on the tracks, will it be able to kill off the supercar by overtaking the vehicle? We don’t wish to spoil this part for you and recommend you to find out through the video below. You’ll be surprised.